CHM courses

CHM1401 Transport and Fate of Chemical Species in the Environment

Introduction to the physical environment. Fundamentals of chemical kinetics. Gas-phase reactions. Reactions in the environment. Reactions in the environment. Reactions in the environment. Chemicalthermodynamics. Photochemistry. Environmental influences on chemistry. Phase partitioning. Phase partitioning. Sorption of organic contaminants to soils and sediments. NMR or OM characterization.

CHM1458 Topics in Reaction Kinetics I

CHM1464 Topics in Statistical Mechanics


CHM1479 Thermodynamics

The course will begin with a review of the second law of thermodynamics, and a comparison of formulations of the second law. Several applications of thermodynamics will be considered, such as phase transitions and critical phenomena, thermodynamics of surfaces and non-equilibrium thermodynamics.