NSERC CREATE Program in Clean Combustion Engines

Combustion of fuels provides over 91% of the world’s primary energy. Canada has many companies that develop combustion engines including Rolls Royce, Ford, Westport Innovations, and numerous others. The combustion of fossil fuels is the principal contributor to several important environmental problems such as global warming and urban air pollution. Therefore, companies designing combustion engines are being challenged by ever stricter regulations requiring reduced emissions, better fuel efficiency and alternative fuel use. These companies are responding by researching new clean combustion approaches. However, these challenges have created the need to train the next generation of combustion experts. This industry is highly knowledge intensive because combustion is a complex, multi-disciplinary and multi-scale field. This complexity necessitates a high degree of training.

The brand new NSERC CREATE program in Clean Combustion Engines has three main training features: (1) university based research to provide trainees with world-class technical capabilities related to clean combustion engines, (2) a Combustion Summer School which will include training in technical and professional skills and (3) an internship to provide trainees with professional experience in the industry. Both the university research and industrial internships will address current challenges to clean combustion engines, especially the use of alternative fuels in engines, and the reduction of pollutants within both the engines and the exhaust pollutant removal systems. The program links together researchers from 5 universities and 4 industrial companies situated across Canada. This provides trainees with mobility and a collaborative research environment.

Graduate Registration Form: CCE-CREATE-Graduate-Registration

More information to come.