2014-2015 Hatch Graduate Scholarship for Sustainable Energy Research

We are pleased to announce the 2014/15 recipients of the Hatch Graduate Scholarship for Sustainable Energy Research.

The Hatch Graduate Scholarship funds research and training of world-class researchers and engineers in the fields of recovery and utilization of energy derived sustainably from the sun and other sources; specifically in the areas of power generation from photovoltaic solar cells, wind turbines and hydraulic turbines, systems for the efficient utilization of thermal and electrical energy derived sustainably and energy storage by batteries, pumped hydro, molten salts, compressed air, and other means.   The awards are renewable, conditional on performance, for a cumulative period of up to three years.

 New recipients

Bo Bao MIE
Eman Hammad ECE
Grayson Ingram MSE
David Josey Chem-Eng
Peter Schnurr Chem-Eng
Sami Yamani MIE


Faraz  Arbabi MIE
Firouz Badrkhani Ajaei ECE
Sherry Esfahani MSE
Han Gao MSE
Matt Genovese MSE
Jim Kuo MIE
Fan Lin Chem-Eng
Arthur Montazeri ECE
Mike Ranjram ECE
Kasun Samarasekera ECE
Pirathayini Srikantha ECE
Samiha Tahseen Civil-Eng
Haoran Wu MSE
Jocelyn Zuliani Chem-Eng