Centre for Power and Information showcase

The ECE Department and Centre for Power and Information (CPI) at the University of Toronto are hosting a CPI Research Showcase on April 18, 2016 in the Sanford Fleming Building (10 King’s College Road), Room 1105. The Showcase plans to be an interesting, stress-free and fun-filled day, with talks, demos and posters. Refreshments and lunch will be served. The event flyer with further details is attached.

One main objective of the event is to bring together people from the broad energy community to open a dialogue on topics related to “smart infrastructure” for energy systems. We hope that this showcase helps to both inspire existing work and encourage future collaborative opportunities.

Speakers include:
Professor Ben Liang on Stochastic Optimization of Renewable Integrated Power Grids

Professor Josh Taylor on Representing Storage and Demand Response in Power System Operations

Professor Steve Mann on Grasping Gravity Waves with the Gravlet Transform: Unlocking the Secrets of Nature with the SWIM (Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine)

Professor Zeb Tate on Sustainability and the Smart Grid

Professor Deepa Kundur on Cyber-Physical Security of Energy Infrastructure

Demos include:

EV Power Train Demo by Professor Peter Lehn

SWIM Demo by Professor Steve Mann

There will also be Research Posters from several research groups.

We open a broad invitation to the Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) community and hope to see many of you at this event. Attendance requires online registration at: