Fields Institute: Optimization for Smart Grid and Power Tranmission Networks

The Fields Institute Industrial Seminar presents:

Miguel Anjos, Ecole Polytechnique Montréal
Current challenges and recent progress in optimization for the smart grid


Innocent Kamwa, Hydro-Québec

Applications of optimization to improve performance of power transmission networks

Date: Monday, March 16th, 5:00pm

Location: Fields Institute, 222 College Street, Room 230


Miguel Anjos, Ecole Polytechnique Montréal
Current Challenges and Recent Progress in Optimization for the Smart Grid

A smart grid is the combination of a traditional power distribution system with two-way communication between suppliers and consumers. This combination is expected to deliver energy savings, cost reductions, and increased reliability and security, but smart grids introduce numerous challenges for the management of the resulting system. These include integrating renewable energy sources such as wind and solar electricity generation, managing bidirectional flows of power, and incorporating demand-response. We will present an overview of the challenges in this area, and examples of how optimization is helping to meet these challenges.

Innocent Kamwa, Hydro-Québec
Applications of Optimization to Improve Performance of Power Transmission Networks

Hydro-Québec’s electrical transmission system is an extensive, international grid with extensions into the northeastern United States of America. For such large power systems, one of the major issues is to ensure reliability while improving the steady-state and dynamic performances of the network. We will present different ways in which optimization algorithms can be applied in this context, such as the optimal location and rating of flexible AC transmission system devices, the design and coordination of damping controllers, and the optimal allocation and scheduling of multiple battery energy storage systems to improve energy efficiency.