First Annual Combustion Summer School

NSERC CREATE Program in Clean Combustion Engines

Led by Prof. Murray Thomson the new multi-institutional Clean Combustion Engines program is getting ready for its first Combustion Summer School, to be held at the University of Toronto St. George campus from May 7 – 10. Over 50 graduate students from across Canada will participate, along with combustion experts from GE, Navistar, Fluent, NRC, Pratt and others. The Summer School provides focused training to
enhance traditional graduate programs, providing the  students with in-depth, state-of-the-art understanding from a wide  range of combustion engine experts.

The Combustion Summer School program will include:
(1) presentations on the forefront of combustion science by leading  academic researchers,
(2) presentations on the state of the art of engine design by  prominent industrial experts,
(3) poster presentations by all students to share their research and  practise their presentation skills,(4) plant tour of one of Canada’s leading combustion engine companies,  Pratt & Whitney Canada, Mississauga to give students a better understanding of the industry.

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