GRAND NCE/Sustainable Behavior Research in Ontario Presentations

Date & Time:  Monday, July 14, 2014, 1-5pm

Location: Mechanical Engineering Building, Room MC331
To attend:  Please RSVP to Prof. Li Shu

AGENDA (draft)

David Sinton (Toronto) Welcome, Overview of Institute for Sustainable Energy, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, University of Toronto.

Murray Thomson (Toronto) Insights on recent successful NSERC CREATE on Clean Combustion Engines

14:00-14:15 Break

14:15-15:15 Overview presentations by sustainable behavior PIs

1.            Liam Obrien (Carleton) An engineering approach to positively influencing occupant behaviour in buildings

2.            Stacey Scott (Waterloo) Research goals including project HEAP (Hydrocarbon Energy Analysis Project)

3.            Ed Lank (Waterloo)

4.            Li Shu (Toronto) Lead users and physical affordances in enabling environmentally conscious behaviors.

15:15-15:30 Break

15:30-17:00 Student presentations

5.            Sara Gilani (Carleton) “Feasibility of natural ventilation in North America under future climate change scenarios”

6.            Isis Bennet (Carleton) “Occupant behaviour and comfort in highly-glazed condominiums”

7.            Valerie Sugarman (Waterloo) “Using Persuasive Technology to Address Critical Peak Consumption:  A Case Study of Demand Management in Ontario.”

8.            Jayesh Srivastava (Toronto), “Physical affordances and discretization of continuous resources for conservation of water/electricity.”

9.            Song-Liang Lai (Toronto) “DIYer’s as lead users in Environmentally Conscious Behavior: Extension of useful life of furniture”

10.          Mayukh Chakraborty (Toronto) “Use of Design-with-Intent/Persuasive Display to Reduce Paper Towel Consumption”