ISE Poster Session


The ISE Poster Session was an excellent opportunity for board members and researchers alike to learn about one another’s research interests. Over 30 posters were presented on a wide array of research topics. ISE asked the Industry Advisory Board to submit their choices for the most outstanding contributions. After tabulating their choices, two awards of $1000 each were awarded for the following posters:

Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems for Remote Communities in Canada
(Francisco Contreras, David Romero, Cristina Amon)

Algal Biofilm Growth Parameters and Reactor Systems for the Production of Biofuels and Biochemicals
(Peter J. Schnurr, Scott Genin, Sonam Mahajan, George Espie, Stewart Aitchison, D. Grant Allen)

Congratulations to Peter and Francisco for their winning posters. (Pictured with ISE Director, Prof. David Sinton)