ISE Seminar – Urban smart grids pilots with a design-driven approach

Thursday, October 10, 10:10AM   Wallberg Bldg, room 342
Urban smart grids pilots with a design-driven approach
Angèle Reinders
ReindersDept. of Design, Production and Management
University of Twente and TU Delft, The Netherlands

Abstract: What lessons can be learnt from analyzing current urban smart grid projects from a design perspective, in particular with regards to the performance and development of products and services offered to end-users? This is an interesting research question because in a decentralized and intelligent electricity system, often referred to as a ‘smart grid‘, an active role for residential end-users in the management of the electricity system is stimulated by new energy products. As such the functioning and quality of these products will be decisive for a successful adaptation process of end-users toward smart energy systems. For this reason a design-driven evaluation of urban smart grid pilots focuses on gaining insights from practice for successful product and service development by taking the end-users as a starting point. Because only little experience exists with this design-driven approach, this presentation addresses how four Dutch smart grid projects – namely (A) Power Matching City, (B) Smart Wash, (C) Your Energy Moment and (D) Nieuwveense landen – are being or will be evaluated. The pilot projects illustrate that by studying end-users’ perception of and interaction with energy technology, knowledge is gained which can be used for product and service development, not only from a technical point of view but also in terms of financial and non-financial value creation. A design-driven approach can therefore help to broaden the present focus on smart grid pilots from a merely technical feasibility to an exciting multidisciplinary exploration.

Bio: Prof.dr. Angèle Reinders is affiliated with the Department of Design, Production and Management of University of Twente in the Netherlands and she holds the chair of Energy-Efficient Design in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of Delft University of Technology. In particular, dr. Reinders has been establishing the field of product innovation and system design in photovoltaic technologies and other renewable energy technologies, which has led to publication of the book by John Wiley & Sons in 2013: The Power of Design: Product Innovation in Sustainable Energy Technologies . Since two years dr. Reinders has initiated a new research direction on the performance of smart grid energy systems at the low voltage level.
She received her doctoral degree from the Faculty of Chemistry at Utrecht University in 1999. Her PhD dissertation covers the analysis and simulation of the field performance of photovoltaic solar energy systems. Dr. Angèle Reinders completed a master degree in Experimental Physics in 1993 at Utrecht University, specializing in material physics and energy physics.
She’s a co-founding editor of Journal of Photovoltaics and Program Chair of the Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in 2014.

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