Launch of Biojet Supply Chain Initiative

Researchers from BioFuelNet Canada will be launching a project in collaboration with Air Canada, aimed at demonstrating the operational feasibility of a supply chain for biofuels in aviation.  While successful tests have already demonstrated the viability of a 50/50 fuel mix of conventional and biofuels, with a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, the initiative will look at the means to create infrastructure to allow more flights to utilize biofuels.

ISE Faculty member, and Director of the CREATE program in Clean Combustion Engines, Murray Thomson will play a key role in the initiative as the Chair of BioFuelNet’s Taskforce on Aviation.

Read more about the project at the Green Aviation Research and Development Network: GARDN – Canada’s Biojet Supply Chain Initiative: Enabling 2020 Carbon Neutral Growth and on the Toronto Star: Air Canada backs effort to build homegrown ‘green’ jet fuel infrastructure