Prof. Bryan Karney leads new MOOC – “Our Energetic Earth”

Learn how our world’s energy forces – from wind and waves to storms and currents – animate the Earth’s surface and allow our planet to support life.

Prof. Bryan Karney’s world-wide course relating to “Our Energetic Earth” goes live beginning the week of October 28th.  The 6-week MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is based on concepts from his Terrestrial Energy Systems course (CIV300/ENV346).

The course is completely free, with no prerequisites.  There are approximately 8000 students currently enrolled!

About the course:

We live on the surface of a dynamic and yet paradoxically stable planet that experiences a remarkable range of energetic phenomena, from waves and currents in the ocean to wind and thunderstorms in the atmosphere. This course traces how the remarkable concept called energy is the natural way of describing, understanding and unifying these diverse phenomena. The course traces the cascade of energy from sunlight to its final destination in a thermal form, considering differential surface heating, the role of convection and buoyancy and the formation of the Earth’s circulation system, and the links to the ocean circulation system. We consider the curvature and rotation of the Earth as key constraints on a system driven by sunlight and energy transformations.

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