Solar Fuels – Carbon Dioxide and the ‘solar refinery’

Professor Geoffrey Ozin, Canada Research Chair of Materials Chemistry and Nanochemistry is the recipient of a $1 million award from the Connaught Global Challenge Award program to investigate the utilization of carbon dioxide as a renewable feedstock for fuel.   Using catalysis, the work looks at using solar conversion of gaseous CO2 to create fuels, including methane, in a carbon-neutral cycle.

As part of a ‘solar fuels cluster’, Professor Ozin will work with Charles Mims (chem-eng), Nazir Kherani (MSE, ECE), Douglas Perovic (MSE), Cathy Chin (Chem-Eng), Ben Hatton  (MSE), Chandra Veer Singh (MSE), and Zhenghong Lu (MSE).

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