Wednesday, July 18th at 12:00pm, Professor Keryn Lian, “Advances in Solid Electrochemical Supercapacitors”

Professor Keryn Lian of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and the NSERC CREATE Program in Distributed Generation for Remote

When: Wednesday, July 18th, 2012, 12:00pm

Where: MC331

Abstract: Electrochemical Capacitors (EC, also called supercapacitors or ultracapcitors) are energy storage devices that complement batteries and fuel cells. They store and release energy very quickly and can be charged and discharged up to a million times, which finds them more applications in stand-alone or in hybrid energy systems.

We have been developing novel electrodes and electrolytes materials for ECs to meet high power requirements. Specifically, we are studying solid polymer electrolytes, which enable light-weight, thin and flexible devices with high power and energy densities. While the devices have demonstrated superior power and rate performance at an ambient environment, we will also need to pay attention to the extreme conditions, especially low temperatures that often encountered in the remote communities. This talk will start with the fundamentals of the ECs. It will be followed by our new results in the Flexible Electronics and Energy Lab, and ended with our future approaches for the applications in remote communities.