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Adam Steinberg, Inst. for Aerospace Studies

Research area:

Alternative fuels, Gas turbines and engines, Energy efficiency (demand side)

Specialty focus areas:

Combustion of Alternative Fuels; Hybrid Engine Cycles; Adaptation of Engines for Alternative Fuels; Improving Engine Efficiency


Current research in sustainable energy includes biofuel combustion stability in gas turbine engines; extreme pressure combustion for improved thermal efficiency; hybrid electric vehicles using alternative cycles; operation limiting phenomena in fuel-flexible engines (e.g. thermo-acoustic instabilities, flashback, auto-ignition); efficient high-speed (e.g. supersonic) combustion; and advanced laser-based measurement techniques for unsteady reactive flows. Along with UTIAS colleagues, Prof. Steinberg is developing a new Advanced Combustion Energy Research Facility. This $5.1M CFI/ORF will enable research at unique conditions that are critical for energy efficiency and sustainability, and is scheduled to be online in 2015.

Contact Information | (416)667-7882