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Andreas Mandelis, Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Research area:

Solar energy, Fuel cells

Specialty focus areas:

Optoelectronic and photothermal imaging techniques of photovoltaic solar cells for manufacturing quality control; Fuel cell in-situ electrochemical energy conversion diagnostics during active cycle for performance optimization


Our group has been developing novel, high-spatial- resolution and high-contrast optoelectronic techniques based on laser (or other optical) excitation of photovoltaic solar cells, materials and devices, to monitor substrate and process induced electronic defects in non-contacting, non-invasive ways. Radiative and non-radiative electron-hole decay mechanisms are involved and free-electron densities and/or bandgap energy states are being studied. Besides our Research Center´s (CADIFT) involvement the group also involves 2 professors from ECE (Profs. Kherani and Sargent). ... This is not an ongoing project, but I am proposing it in hopes for possible collaborations with other colleagues: we would use photothermal laser beam based techniques we developed in the CADIFT to monitor the energy conversion process and electron-ion exchange processes of various fuel cells in-situ at the electrode as the affect the optical properties of the electrolyte through which the laser beam travels. The nature of this type of project is ideal for photoelectrochemical fuel cell research with the possible involvement of Dr. Jun Shen, National Research Council Canada, IFCI, 4250 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver BC as an external collaborator.

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