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Chandra Veer Singh, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Research area:

Energy storage, Wind turbines, Photocatalysts

Specialty focus areas:

Computational design of next generation energy storage materials; Damage and failure in wind turbine blades made of composite materials; Efficient photocatalysts for efficient hydrogen production through water splitting


We utilize state-of-the-art computational modeling techniques to investigate and propose novel material designs for energy storage. One particular focus is on graphene based nanomaterials for hydrogen storage. ... This project is aimed at understanding the damage and failure characteristics of wind turbine blades made from composite materials. This would help us design more cost effective wind turbines which can operate on larger wind loads and last much longer. ... In this project, our aim is to design and develop new photocatalysts to enable cost-effective and large scale hydrogen fuel production through solar water splitting technique.

Contact Information | (416)946-5211