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Danny Harvey, Dept. of Geography

Research area:

Energy efficiency (demand side), Electricity generation systems, Energy policy

Specialty focus areas:

High performance buildings; Techniques for eliminating fossil fuels from electricity supply systems; Global Scenarios for a fossil-fuel free future


Within the area of energy efficiency, my research focuses on high-performance buildings, with a particular emphasis on high-performance windows. ... On the demand side, I am particularly interested in the potential role of wind energy and concentrating solar thermal enery, in combination with various techniques and a backbone grid of HVDC lines, in eliminating the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity in North America over a period of 30 years. ... This strand of research focus on the material resources, energy flows and water requirements associated with scenarios that achieve complete elimination of fossil fuels from the global energy-supply system, without recourse to nuclear energy, before 2100. Preliminary analyses has been published in my books (released in March and April, 2010): Energy and the New Reality, Volume1: Energy Efficiency and the Demand for Energy Services, and Volume 2: C-Free Energy Supply

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