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Deepa Kundur, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research area:

Smart grid

Specialty focus areas:

Smart Grid Modeling and Analysis; Smart Grid Cybersecurity


A smart grid is defined as “the integration of real-time monitoring, advanced sensing, and communications, utilizing analytics and control, enabling the dynamic flow of both energy and information to accommodate existing and new forms of supply, delivery, and use in a secure and reliable electric power system, from generation source to end-user” (definition by North American Electric Reliability Corporation). The interaction between the cyber and physical components of the smart grid creates emergent properties that we explore in this research. We focus on the development of both mathematical and empirical models of cyber-physical relationships in smart grid systems. Our models aim to abstract both information and energy flows in the system in order to better understand the interaction between the power system and its advanced information technology. We make use of a variety of models associated with graph theory, dynamical systems and differential games as well as advanced softw ... The smart grid boasts higher reliability, efficiency and consumer-centricity in an environment of increasing power demand through the effective use of information – namely, information about the right thing, to the right party, at the right time. The acquisition, transmission and consumption of high-granularity real-time power system data is facilitated through the marriage of data acquisition, communications and computational decision-making with power systems. Such dependence on information naturally raises questions as to the effects of data corruption on power system operation.From a technical perspective there is increased opportunity for cyber attack in a smart grid because of the greater dependence on intelligent electronic devices, flexible communications infrastructures, and distributed control. Such cyber infrastructure increases communications connectivity and automation by employing standardized information technologies that often have documented vulnerabilities. Furthermore, pri

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