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Greg Jamieson, Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Research area:

Energy efficiency (demand side)

Specialty focus areas:

Energy Conservation & Demand Management


CEL has received funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) to study energy management at large Ontario industries. Energy managers work to identify electrical cost savings opportunities, develop action plans, and champion conservation project implementations, playing a key role in the development of a sustainable society. Partnership with the Association of Major Power Consumers of Ontario (AMPCO) and AITIA Analytics Inc. will enable the field study to make a comprehensive survey of a wide range of industries.

The creative, adaptive decision-making processes involved in energy management are not yet well understood. We expect that the results of the field study will be of interest both to academia as a cognitive work analysis, and to industry as a collection of best practices. Future work in this field will address the development of information support tools to support energy management at both large and small enterprises.

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