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Mansoor Barati, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Research area:

Solar energy, Life cycle studies, Energy efficiency (demand side)

Specialty focus areas:

Low Cost Production of Silicon for Photovoltaics Applications; Energy Analysis for Metals Processing Industries; Development of Energy Efficient and Environmentally Benign Processes


As the PI, the applicant has developed several innovative processes for purification of silicon, targeting PV application. In one process, metallurgical grade silicon is upgraded to solar grade, using a simple and cheap method. In another method , solar grade silicon is produced from amorphous silica sources such as rice husk ash and silica fume, using a combination of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes ... “cradle-to-grave” energy analysis of various metallurgical processes. As one example, various steelmaking routes were compared in terms of their energy intensity. We took into account all forms of energies and equivalent energy values of materials consumed to produce the metal, to come up with one overall energy figure for each processing route. ... Emphasis is on a) development of resource treatment processes that utilize less energy and have smaller greenhouse has footprint than the conventional technologies. As an example, the PI undertook and completed a comprehensive research to propose and optimize slag compositions for a novel steelmaking process known as CRISP. The technology process promises to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions b)Reducing energy intensity of materials processing by introducing novel recycling technologies. One such research looks into recovery of metals from industrial wastes such as steelmaking dusts. c) Increasing the energy efficiency of current processes by energy recovery. As one example, using waste heat of metallurgical slags for producing syn–gas is a research underway.

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