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Murray Thomson, Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Research area:

Alternative fuels, Gas turbines and engines, Energy efficiency (demand side)

Specialty focus areas:

Combustion of Alternative Fuels; Adaptation of engines for biofuel use; Optical Sensors for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes


By improving our understanding of biofuel combustion, we can advancing the development of new fuels from biomass feedstocks: Investigating the effect of biodiesel, bio-butanol, bio-oil, bio-jet fuel and other biofuels on combustion processes;Measurement of species in biofuel flames; Development of detailed chemical kinetic models; Applications in the automotive, train, aircraft and power generation sectors. ... Advancing the understanding and modeling of combustion engine processes: Development of engine models (esp. HCCI and gas turbine engines);Development of biofuel use in Stirling, aircraft, diesel and spark ignition engines ... Optical Gas Sensors are being developed and commercialized for conserving energy and reducing pollutant emissions in industrial furnaces through process control:

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