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Myeongsub Kim

Research area:

Carbon management, Alternative fuels

Degree: Postdoctoral Researcher

Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Supervisor: Professor David Sinton


Carbon-sequestration-on-a-chip: CO2 transport, reaction and salt formation in microfluidic networks models of saline aquifers My current research, funded by Carbon Management of Canada (CMC), aims to characterize CO2 transport and reactivity in oil reservoirs or geological saline aquifers. More broadly speaking, I intend to alleviate harmful greenhouse gas levels by improving and uncovering new techniques for carbon sequestration. One of the promising methodologies in sequestering carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is to store CO2 into underground saline formation. The saline aquifers are relatively safe to inject CO2 and it can store a theoretically unlimited amount of gases. Although CO2 transport/reactivity in geological formations has been well studied through simulation, few experimental studies were reported until very recently. I am aiming to provide much needed experimental data in my research on transport phenomena of CO2 in porous networks at pore scale using an opto-microfluidic approach. I hope that this work can provide reliable data sets and new insights for carbon management in geological formations.

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