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Peter Schnurr

Research area:

Alternative fuels, Carbon Management

Degree: Doctoral Student

Department: Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry

Supervisor: Professor Grant Allen


Peter is part of a team of researchers who grow algae as a biofilm to produce biofuels and other valuable bioproducts. It is believed that growing the algae as a biofilm will help reduce the inhibitory costs of harvesting and processing the algae biomass - biofilms are at least 100x more concentrated and immobilized compared to planktonic systems. Peter's overall thesis objectives are to understand critical factors in algae biofilm growth and internal lipid production. The main factors he is looking at include the study of light and CO2 concentrations (as they relate to growth kinetics and internal lipid concentrations), and the potential to starve algae biofilms of key nutrients to increase internal lipid concentrations.

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