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Wen Song

Research area:

Carbon management

Degree: Masters Student

Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Supervisor: Professor David Sinton


Carbon dioxide storage underground is emerging as an important technology for anthropogenic climate change mitigation as well as enhanced energy resources extraction. Economic usage and storage of CO2 mandates a network of pipelines to safely and reliably transport the fluid from large point sources to their respective injection sites at high pressures and temperatures. However, impurities in the CO2 stream increase the temperature and pressure at which water condenses, and conditions for pure CO2 operation can lead to corrosion and ultimately leakage as a result of liquid-phase acidification. My research focuses on developing high pressure, high temperature compatible microfluidics to visually determine dew point conditions of flue mixtures for safe, reliable, and economic transport of industrial CO2 in sequestration projects.

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