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Zeb Tate, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research area:

Electricity transmission

Specialty focus areas:

Operational impact of high wind penetration in Ontario; Improved performance of stochastic unit commitment;


Provincial policy initiatives such as the Feed-In Tariff program will likely lead to a saturation in the available transmission capacity of the Ontario grid. Although geographic diversity in variable generation resources can reduce the system-wide variation in real-time generation capacity, transmission constraints can counteract the diversity effect. My group´s current research focuses on statistical analysis of wind power output and forecast errors, and analyzing the impact of wind build-up with explicit consideration of the transmission grid. ... Unit commitment (UC) is the selection of which generating units will run, and at what levels, for a future time period (e.g., in Ontario, UC is determined one day ahead). The UC problem is technically a mixed-integer, stochastic, nonlinear program, although most jurisdictions solve a simplified mixed-integer, linear program instead. The introduction of variable generation, particularly solar and wind generation, requires explicit consideration of stochastic generation capacities, and this research is looking at new ways to formulate and solve the UC problem. ...

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