2015/16 Scholarship Recipients

ISE is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Hatch Graduate Scholarship for Sustainable Energy Research, the Mercedes-Benz Canada Graduate Fellowship in Fuel Cell Research and the new Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Graduate Scholarship in Sustainable Energy.  In total, 17 outstanding students will receive scholarships worth $160,800 for the 2015/16 academic year.


Hatch Scholarship recipients with ISE Associate Director, Joshua Taylor (right)
Hatch Graduate Scholarship for Sustainable Energy Research
Congratulations to Marina Freire-Gormaly (MIE), Mireille Ghoussoub (MSE), Percival Graham (MIE), Grayson Ingram (MSE), David Josey (Chem-Eng), Jongmin Lee (MIE), Jospeh Dongchan Lee (ECE), Fan Lin (Chem-Eng), Mengxia Liu (ECE), Madeleine McPherson (Civil-Eng), Junnan Shangguan (Chem-Eng), Pirathayini Srikantha (ECE), Jixian Xu (ECE), Zhengbao Yang (MIE), and Tongfeng Zhang (MIE)

Mercedes-Benz Canada Graduate Fellowship in Fuel Cell Research
Congratulations to Michael George, MASc Candidate in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, this year’s recipient of the Mercedes-Benz Canada Graduate Fellowship in Fuel Cell Research.  Michael’s research, supervised by Prof. Aimy Bazylak, focuses on the characterization, manufacturing, and optimization of the microporous layer in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Graduate Scholarship in Sustainable Energy
Congratulations to Samiha Tahseen, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering, the inaugural recipient of the Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Graduate Scholarship in Sustainable Energy, to be awarded each year to a graduate researcher in sustainable energy with a focus on energy storage.    Samiha’s research looks at utilizing the Great Lakes as storage resevoirs for reliable and intermittent energy sources, as well as optimizing hydropower for grid reliability and improved resilience.

Next Generation Solar – Photovoltaics Canada – May 13th and 14th

Next Generation Solar 2015 – Photovoltaics Canada, the Sixth National Scientific Conference will be held at the University of Toronto on May 13 and 14, 2015 and will draw together many photovoltaic experts and students from a wide range of disciplines from all across Canada, in addition to industry representatives.

The Conference will provide a wonderful forum for you to refresh your knowledge base and explore the most current information regarding the science and advances of photovoltaics through presentations from key experts, oral talks and poster presentations from researchers and students, and to meet and interact with leading scientists and new talent.

Plenary speakers include:

  • Andreas Bett from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE);
  • Dietmar Borchert from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
  • Alex Bradley from DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions;
  • Vivian Ferry from the University of Minnesota;
  • Dan Henes from Celestica;
  • Theresa Jester from Silicor Materials;
  • John Lasich from Raygen Resources PtyLtd;
  • Hernán Miguez from the Spanish National Research Council;
  • David Mitzi from Duke University;
  • Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin from l’École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne;
  • Yves Poissant from Natural Resources Canada (NRC) – CanmetENERGY;
  • Akshay Rao from the University of Cambridge;
  • Alberto Tagliaferro from the Politecnico di Torino; and
  • Mark Wilson from the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT).

There will also be parallel sessions on topics ranging from high-efficiency PV, thin film, organics, nanowires, dye-sensitized cells, and hybrid structures to PV materials and PV integration and policies.

For more information please see: https://www.nextgenerationsolar.ca/

Fields Institute: Optimization for Smart Grid and Power Tranmission Networks

The Fields Institute Industrial Seminar presents:

Miguel Anjos, Ecole Polytechnique Montréal
Current challenges and recent progress in optimization for the smart grid


Innocent Kamwa, Hydro-Québec

Applications of optimization to improve performance of power transmission networks

Date: Monday, March 16th, 5:00pm

Location: Fields Institute, 222 College Street, Room 230



Miguel Anjos, Ecole Polytechnique Montréal
Current Challenges and Recent Progress in Optimization for the Smart Grid

A smart grid is the combination of a traditional power distribution system with two-way communication between suppliers and consumers. This combination is expected to deliver energy savings, cost reductions, and increased reliability and security, but smart grids introduce numerous challenges for the management of the resulting system. These include integrating renewable energy sources such as wind and solar electricity generation, managing bidirectional flows of power, and incorporating demand-response. We will present an overview of the challenges in this area, and examples of how optimization is helping to meet these challenges.

Innocent Kamwa, Hydro-Québec
Applications of Optimization to Improve Performance of Power Transmission Networks

Hydro-Québec’s electrical transmission system is an extensive, international grid with extensions into the northeastern United States of America. For such large power systems, one of the major issues is to ensure reliability while improving the steady-state and dynamic performances of the network. We will present different ways in which optimization algorithms can be applied in this context, such as the optimal location and rating of flexible AC transmission system devices, the design and coordination of damping controllers, and the optimal allocation and scheduling of multiple battery energy storage systems to improve energy efficiency.